List of tree crops grown and date that they were planted

2006 and before

2 American Chestnut (from American Chestnut Cooperators)
89 Bur Oak from TNC nursery (Johnny's oak)
Fullness White Oak
Taco Bell Q. macrocarpa x Q. alba
Q. macrocarpa x Q. prinus
Q. prinus x Q. robur
2 Flowering Dogwood


3 Illinois Everbearing Mulberry
2 Reliance Peach
Veteran Peach
Dolgo Crab Apple
Whitney Crab Apple (lost 2010)
3 Korean Nut Pine
Kanza Northern Pecan (lost 2010)
Pawnee Northern Pecan (died below graft, regrowth of rootstock) (lost 2010)
Colossal Chestnut (grafted)
Bouche de Betizac Chestnut (grafted)
Marigoule Chestnut (grafted)
Skioka Chestnut (grafted)
Precoce Migoule Chestnut (seedling)
TO613 Chestnut (seedling)
Sleeping Giant Chestnut (seedling)
8 Complex hybrid Chestnuts (from Sandra Anagnostakis)
Montmorency Pie Cherry
North Star Pie Cherry
Kristin Sweet Cherry
Satomi Red Dogwood
Oriental Dogwood (seedling)


Shinseiki Asian Pear
Sam Sweet Cherry
Rubina Mountain Ash
White Fruiting Mulberry
Oscar's Mulberry
2 Overleese Paw Paw
2 Pennsylvania Golden Paw Paw
2 Sunflower Paw Paw
2 Taytwo Paw Paw
Meader Persimmon
5 Persimmon (seedlings)
Cosan Buartnut
Mitchell Buartnut
Layeroka Chestnut (seedling)
Silverleaf Chestnut (seedling)
Skookum Chestnut (seedling)
Snaps Pecan (died below graft, regrowth of rootstock)
Carlson Pecan


5 Shagbark (seedlings from selected cultivars)
Grainger Shagbark
Neilson Shagbark
5 Persian Walnut (seedlings from selected cultivars)
Somers Persian Walnut
Utah Giant Persian Walnut
5 Buartnut (seedlings from selected cultivars)
2 Mitchell Buartnut
Coble 1 Heartnut
Rhodes Heartnut
Burlington Hican
4 Ginkgo (seedlings)
1 Maraval Chestnut (layered)
Aromatnaya Quince
Green Gage Plum
Italian Plum Plum
Imperial Epineuse Plum
Seneca Plum
Stanley Plum
Blue Damson Plum
1 15/16th American Chestnut (from American Chestnut Foundation)

The above list doesn’t include tree crops planted at other properties under my care.