Permaculture is the conscious design of perennial agriculture around human settlements that mimics the biodiversity, stability and resilience found in natural ecosystems; and permaculture is a philosophy of using land in ways that harmonize with nature while still providing agricultural products.

newly planted forest garden

Above is a photo of a tree planting that I have done with a mixture of various tree crops. Over time various shrubs species will be added to diversify the planting and maximizing the space for the production of crops. In the coming years we will continue to diversify and add to the various tree crops that we have planted.

pond used for irrigation

We have a pond located on our property which we use as a water source for our plantings. We have about a 100 half gallon plastic bottles that I fill and deliver to planting locations to water the newly planted areas. Using surface water I believe is superior to taking water from our well. The water is warmer and has trace elements, organic material and a certain amount of nutrients present. I’m careful not to suck up aquatic life as I get my water.